Cloud Uploads

With full cloud support and digital delivery, you will never have to worry about local storage or organization. We host all images on a secure cloud server. Only the user can access their own images & designs.

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Filter Control

Our simple user interface and filter menu allows users to select just the images they wish to filter. We provide full previews for all filters so users can pick and choose which filter they wish to apply to each image selected for the filter process.

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Download Links

All downloads are provided by our SSL encrypted cloud server. All download links are sent, via email, to the registered user and are available for secure download at your leisure.

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With our ever growing filter base, we provide the ability to expand your market exponentially while keeping your cost as low as possible. We are always working to add and improve our filter process and provide the best filters to our users.

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Easily Create Merch By Amazon Design Variations

We help to grow our merchants, large and small, by allowing their designs to reach more potential users.

  • New looks on old designs
  • Remarket and sell variations of designs
  • Max your daily submissions with ease

Coded by Yodah

How Merchinator is different

We provide a purely digital platform for your filter needs. No graphic design knowledge is needed to use our tool, just point and click.

  • Simple yet powerful user interface
  • Previews generated on the fly
  • Simple digital uploads and downloads

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Manage Everything In One Place

With ever expanding filters we look to provide a 'One stop shop' for all your filter needs. We are constantly working on adding new filters and improving the performance of our tool. We maintain a constant goal of being your ONLY filter tool!

  • Constant performance updates
  • New filters being developed
  • Absolutely no charge for new filters

Choose the best plan for you

From new Merch by Amazon sellers to top tiered professionals, we have packages to fit your needs.



This is a monthly recurring payment.

  • Filter 100 images
  • Unlimited storage
  • Credit roll-over

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This is a monthly recurring payment.

  • Filter 1,000 images
  • Unlimited storage
  • Credit roll-over
  • Free resizing

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Quick & Easy Image Processing

We take all the design and guess work out of the filter process. We provide a fully automated platform for the augmentation of your designs and the ability to expand your market share and customer base exponentially.

This tool is fantastic!

— Dan Warner

Is this for real? Wowwww

— Abhishek Vigg

Merchinator is a beast and a game changer!

— Nick Eden

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